Becoming Myself


Who was I before everyone else told me who I was? This is a question I have been struggling to answer lately. I finally went back far enough into all of the family photos to find this picture. I was this girl. Crazy, sassy and hyper. Loving all things art and baby dolls. I was quite confident in the fact that I could paint a master piece with a baby on my hip. Two of the main things I have always wanted to be are a mommy and an artist. Even when I was told I could never make money in art, and that being a mom “isn’t a real career”. I always held these dreams in the back of my heart thinking that someday maybe I could find a way to make it all happen while following the path I was told to.

Well, it’s my birth month. I will be 27 this year, and I am finally ready to be who I am. Maybe not a mom quite yet, I mean I would like to be married first, but as far as being an artist, I’m starting my journey. My first step was starting my current job, which I love. Second was getting my life in order so I have more spare time. I am about to that point. Now I need to push myself to explore my creative side again. That is how I plan on spending this month.

I will spend this month Becoming Myself.


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***I'm a pretty awesome newlywed and stay at home mom from Michigan. Just living life and sorting it out as I go. Follow me on twitter and instagram @happilyeveryork.***

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