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Personal Update 4/17/2015

Alright, let me jump into this personal update. I’ve got a lot that happened, and not much time to type it up today. Here goes…


First, and probably most importantly, my Grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving. He was getting ready to go to my parents house for dinner and had a stroke in the shower. It was very hard losing him. Thanksgiving will never be the same, but we will always do a shot of whiskey in his honor now.

The week after the funeral my mother went in for back surgery. Last year while sick with complications due to her COPD she passed out on the dishwasher door and broke her back. Something the doctors could not find until October, even though she complained of pain and had many x-rays and tests done. Her back is fractured in 5 places, and they get worse every day because of her long use of steroids to keep her lungs open. All of the medication she is on is slowly eating away her bones.

In December she went in for surgery to try to repair some of these fractures. Because of her breathing they could not put her all the way under, or position her they way they needed for the surgery. They almost lost her on the table, and now the doctors refuse to go back in and try again.

The week of Christmas, my mother’s favorite holiday, she could not handle the pain of the “healing” in her back anymore, and we took her back to the hospital. They tried to accuse her of trying to get more pain meds. The social worker pretty much acted like my mother wasn’t a person anymore. The doctors make it seem like we are just waiting for her to die now, but I know she has a lot more life left in her. Having Christmas with my mother in the hospital was one of the hardest things I have ever done.


My aunts and cousins helped me bring Christmas to her, and I am so thankful for it.

After the first of the year, my job continued to get more stressful, on top of all of my personal family issues. I went few days without crying at some point or another. I also started trying to get my own health together. With my mothers health issues, and my brother having a heart attack at age 38 in early October, I need to get myself in check so I can care for everyone else.

The next holiday up was Valentines day. Thank goodness no one was sick (or worse) for that one. My amazing boyfriend got me a sweet little puppy. Best gift ever, unconditional love.


We named him Opie. We are not sure what kind of dog he is, but it doesn’t matter. I’m so glad we rescued him.

Around Valentine’s day is when I started job searching. The stress was just too much on me. A close work friend also found another job, and I knew it would become unbearable to be there anymore. I then became very sick. Sick for about 3 weeks. I went to my doctor, urgent care, and the emergency room. My sickness was most likely caused by stress, and then germs from all of the sick people that were in the ER. However, while sick, I was able to find my current job.

I feel like my current job is a step toward my true calling. I am now an artists assistant. Who knew I could really make money doing what I love??? I sure didn’t. Every day at work is a party, no for real, it’s a party. The company I work for hosts parties where the guests come and paint and drink. How cool! I get to select my own hours, and I have more time to spend with my mother. I couldn’t be happier.

The last few weeks have been full of happiness and hope that the rest of the year will be good. It’s spring, and it’s time for new beginnings. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see where I end up.


2015 Bucket List


1) Lose weight and get healthy (losing around 30ish lbs, working out, and clean eating)

2) Read 12 books for the year

3) Learn 5 new songs on guitar

4) Learn basic sign language

5) Start living a more natural lifestyle

6) Paint master bedroom

7) Complete (at least) 12 random acts of kindness

8) Plant a garden

9) Finish 6 drawings/paintings

10) Learn CPR

11) Travel out of state (Ohio does not count)

14) Visit the DIA

15) Go on a random unplanned day trip

16) Day at the dragstrip

17) Day at the spa

18) Put all of my parents photos into albums

19) Go to 3 different beaches or lakes

20) Visit a zoo

21) Weekend camping trip

22) Get engaged… (I know this isn’t a goal specifically for me, but we have already been making plans, so it’s time for a ring)

23) Visit Aquarium

24) Greenfield Village/Henry Ford trip

25) Concert

26) Indoor rock climbing

27) Register to vote

28) Donate/volunteer

29) Save tip money for wedding

30) Over come my debt/ improve credit score

This is my 2015 bucket list. On top of this list, I have also been trying to do monthly lists Those are more like to-do or task lists, but it’s helping me keep on track. The best way to reach a big goal is to break it down into little steps.

Since the 1st of the year, I have been working out more, and eating better. My stress level is greatly reduced thanks to a job change. I finally have more time to become the person I truly am.

More to come, and an update will follow this post explaining my personal life since last fall.