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Reflect: 2014 Bucket List

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Well… let me just start by saying that the end of 2014 was hard! That is going to be it’s own post later though. Right now, let’s discuss my bucket list from 2014. I accomplished a lot. I also fell short in a lot of areas. Things got in the way, and lack of time became a huge factor.

1. was to lose 30lbs the healthy way. I even got a gym membership that I hardly used. Sadly due to stress I actually gained about 10 more lbs. However, I have changed my eating habits for the better, and drink way more water now. I do plan on tackling my weight again now in 2015. I’m a solid 3lbs down currently, and have a new at home workout plan. #Piyo anyone?

2. was to get baptized. I did take my next step in my spiritual journey with God, and get baptized. My boyfriend did as well, the same day. I feel that is going to be a good solid foundation to build our future family on. I can’t wait to see where God leads us next.

3. Move out of my parents house. I did, and I met my goal date of Sept.1st! Having our own place has been full of ups and downs, but I’m so proud of us for taking the leap.

4. Get my own health insurance. Got it! Thanks to my job at the dealership, I have health insurance, and a start to a 401K.

5. Read 12 books. Well… I read, but not full books. I started a few, and ran out of time to finish.

6. Save $600. Every penny of savings we had, including our wedding savings fund, went into our house, and all of the lovely things that have fallen apart. We are pretty much at zero. We plan on starting up again.

7-10. Pretty much had no time for these things. Better luck next time, right?

11. Complete random acts of kindness. I’m sure I met at least 12, but I didn’t keep track. A lot of the kind things I did, I did mindlessly. They were truly random.

12. Plant a garden. I did not do this. By the time we moved in, the planting season was over. I did however pull out all of the dead stuff and prep for a garden this year.

13-19. Again, lacked time. So many things went wrong. A lot was family related, and it’s hard to accomplish much from the hospital.

20. Go to 3 different lakes/beaches. We did this, and had so much fun doing so. Lots of time on the boats. I loved it.

21-22. Nope. lol

23. Kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel. I got to do this with my love at  the Hamburg Family Fun Fest. So glad we wasted the money for one carnival ride.

24-27. Hahaha…no.

28.Attend the birth of my God son. I skipped work to be there. What an awesome experience.

29. Haven’t done it yet, but plan to still.

30.Volunteer/Donate. I did both. I volunteered with the free stuff van from our church, and donated all kinds of stuff.

Here’s to better luck in 2015!

That list will be up soon.