Recovering from the Plague



Have you ever felt like you were drowning on your own bodily fluids? After a weekend of waking up every hour with that lovely feeling, plus body aches, I finally went to the hospital. Not that I needed a hospital visit, but no one would take the insurance I currently have except the hospital, so there I went.

A 5 min. look over by a doctor told me I had a sinus infection that had turned into a lovely case of bronchitis. As much as I am trying to move away from pharmaceutical medication, my immune system has always had issues, and I needed help kicking this. Two of the prescriptions I was given I decided were useless and haven’t been used, but the antibiotic has seemed to help a lot.

I returned to work yesterday and struggled through my day. The Plague, as my co-workers and I lovingly call it, seems to be controlled at work aside from the random coughing fits and constant stuffy/runny nose. Today I am just a little bit better, but still run down and such.

Hopefully the road to recovery is almost over. I hate being sick, yet I always am. Allergies plus a weak immune system, plus a not so perfect life style I guess lead you there, but how many times must I suffer?




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