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Basics About Me

I failed math in high school, and again in college, but my current job is constant numbers and keeping track of large sums of money.

Sleep is my favorite thing to do, even if I have been having odd vivid dreams lately.

My dream is to someday work from home so that I can raise my future children while also bringing in an income.

I do not remember what it feels like to be bored, or fully rested. The last few months have been non stop.

I have so many clothes, that I haven’t worn the same top to work since I started my job in March. I’m no where near running out of laundry…

I am petrified of certain people working their way back into my life. Some things I’d like to forget and pretend never happened.

I have a short fuse, but can never seem to stay angry long. Sit it out, it will pass lol.

I am allergic to nuts, especially almonds and I hate it. I developed the allergy around age 12.

I love summer storms and the smell of rain.

I’m glad my life didn’t work out the way I had wanted at 18. What a mess that would have been!


Time Flies

Five years ago today you came into my life.

After a long day of labor for your mother, I was lucky enough to watch you be born. Something I think will only be topped by the birth of my own children.

Today, you are a blessing to every heart you touch. You have a deep need to love and take care of others. Something that can seem like a bad thing to others at times, but I hope it’s something you always hold on to. I hope myself and the other adults in your life teach you to be strong, smart and independent.


Today, you have a strong sense of self, full of confidence, not caring what others think about you. Please hold on to that. You are fiery soul, passionate in all you do. Live your life fearlessly baby girl! Dream big! And always know Aunt Chris loves you.

Happy 5th Birthday Rylie Hope Shay!!!

Recovering from the Plague



Have you ever felt like you were drowning on your own bodily fluids? After a weekend of waking up every hour with that lovely feeling, plus body aches, I finally went to the hospital. Not that I needed a hospital visit, but no one would take the insurance I currently have except the hospital, so there I went.

A 5 min. look over by a doctor told me I had a sinus infection that had turned into a lovely case of bronchitis. As much as I am trying to move away from pharmaceutical medication, my immune system has always had issues, and I needed help kicking this. Two of the prescriptions I was given I decided were useless and haven’t been used, but the antibiotic has seemed to help a lot.

I returned to work yesterday and struggled through my day. The Plague, as my co-workers and I lovingly call it, seems to be controlled at work aside from the random coughing fits and constant stuffy/runny nose. Today I am just a little bit better, but still run down and such.

Hopefully the road to recovery is almost over. I hate being sick, yet I always am. Allergies plus a weak immune system, plus a not so perfect life style I guess lead you there, but how many times must I suffer?