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This last week has been crazy, non stop, go go go. Last Wednesday my Grandpa was put in the hospital and the family came to the realization that he may not be with us much longer. He is 92, and for 92 he is doing quite well. He just got sick and it was scary for everyone. Now it’s time for them to release him but they want to send him to a nursing home. He is against the idea, and for the most part, the family is too. He still takes very good care of himself. My cousin lives there and makes sure he is ok. My Aunt also checks up on him. If he wants to spend time in the house he worked his whole life for, let him.

Last Friday was the official 1 year (facebook official) anniversary of Kyle and I being together. In reality it will be 2 years for us September 1st. We went out with our co workers and my wife for dinner at Bdubs. I got my fish bowl! It was a lot of fun to spend time out and get to know our new friends a little better.

Saturday was Kyle’s birthday. My best friend since childhood came out to visit and we put Kyle’s birthday gift to good use. Yes, I am the girlfriend that bought beer for Valentine’s day, and ammo for his birthday, I’m pretty much a keeper! We went out and shot guns and partied in a field for most of the day. We got to see lab puppies and pet horses.

On Sunday, Kyle and I were baptized at our church. All of the people closest to us were there, even some unexpected ones. It has something we have been planning for a long time and is our next step in our faith. I am so glad we are growing together in our love for God as well as each other.

Monday was Memorial day, and we were patriotic in our own way. Hung the flags, had our silent moments of remembrance, and the men drank their beer from red, white, and blue cans! We visited Kyle’s dad and had a very nice BBQ. I was so happy to soak my feet in the lake, even if it is still far too cold for me to swim in.

And finally, Tuesday was my 26th birthday. I like to think all of the work I have done on myself in the last year is a lot like the work you do to level up in a video game. I have changed and grown so much as a person, and I still have so much work I want to do. I am very proud of myself. I have already checked off one of the things from my personal bucket list (being baptized) and I’m working on 2 more. One being getting my own health insurance, I will have that once my 90 days is up at work. The other being moving out of my parents house. Kyle and I are researching places to live and saving money. I’m on the right road.


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