Building New Friendships

I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has a hard time making new friends, and I’m not really sure why. Generally, most people like me, and I always try to find something (anything) in common.  But the more I’ve thought about recently, I suppose I might really be pretty good at making new friends. I’ve never had a lack for companionship, with a pretty constant stream of life long friends with a few new people coming and going along the way.

I recently started a new job and I get along with nearly everyone there. Even though not everyone gets along with each other, they all like me. Not sure how that works, but I’m rolling with it. One of the people I’ve gotten closest to so far is one of the ones I was unsure about at first. At a glance I assumed we had nothing in common, but man was I wrong!

Another thing I’ve realized is people are usually drawn to me. I don’t seek out people to become friends with. It just seems they appear at the right place and time.  I have been very blessed in this way. One of the girls I work with even approached me saying that she could tell I was a good person and that she thought I was good friend material, wow! Never would have placed that description on myself, but it was a great compliment.

I suppose I do try to go out of my way to make others feel welcome and keep people happy. I try to avoid judging others and placing blame before I know an entire situation.  I feel like these are qualities I look for in other people when I choose a friend.

Wish me luck in my friendship building journey.


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***I'm a pretty awesome newlywed and stay at home mom from Michigan. Just living life and sorting it out as I go. Follow me on twitter and instagram @happilyeveryork.***

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