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Work Work Workin It

I was hired at the dealership! I am now part of the accounts payable team with a cubicle that has a window view! I am very happy there. I also put in my 2 weeks notice at my retail job. 51 hours a week for the next few is just too many for me. I know the money will be good though. I will also soon have my very own health insurance along with vision and dental. I am very proud of myself for making it to this point.

In my preparations for moving out, I have been getting rid of things I no longer use or need and started collecting the things I will need. It’s been stressful, but has had it’s good sides as well. I found tons of notes and things from high school. Things that show me just how much I have grown as a person. I thought I knew everything then, and while I wasn’t far off lol, I still know more now… damn learning experiences…


I’ll keep trying to stay on top of this blogging thing, but for the next few weeks it may be hard.




Just a Quick Little Update

Tomorrow will be my third working interview with the car dealership. I really hope they finally tell me I am hired tomorrow. I’m really hoping all of this dragging it out was just waiting for my background check to come back or something dumb. Yesterday, I did get to sit in my own cubicle for a while and work on learning the data entry program. Hopefully when I get there tomorrow the empty cubicle has all of the storage boxes moved out of it and they give it to me with my very own log in for the computer. I will just be so excited!

And once the checks start rolling in, I can start doing my part to save up to get an apartment with my boyfriend! 

Keeping my eye on the goal and working my butt off.


National Poetry Writing Month Day 2

New and scary

Different and strange 

But I’m growing

Becoming more daring

Embracing the change

A new side of me showing

National Poetry Writing Month Day 1

If I could go back again

and change the times I cried

I wouldn’t do it

If it hadn’t been

such a roller-coaster ride

if I hadn’t almost quit

who knows where I’d be

I’m becoming a new person

built on my goals

and dreams

I’m learning my lessons

I’m becoming whole