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Personal Bucket List


Alright, so here is that personal bucket list I promised I would post like 2 months ago. Better late than never, right? A lot of it is left over from last years list, but they are still things I want to do.

1. Lose 30lbs. The healthy way.

2. Get Baptized.

3. Move out of my parents house (Goal date: September 1st).

4. Get health insurance. Hopefully a fancy new job will offer it.

5. Read 12 books for the year. I’m already 2 in, so I have 10 left.

6. Save $600 cash, separate from our 52 weeks money challenge for the wedding. And my emergency $100 in the bank.

7. Learn 5 new songs on guitar.

8. Learn basic sign language.

9. Pay off 2 medical bills.

10. Paint the guest room.

11. Complete (at least) 12 random acts of kindness.

12. Plant a garden.

13. Finish 6 drawings/paintings.

14. Travel out of state. Ohio doesn’t count.

15. Visit the DIA.

16. Go on a random unplanned day trip.

17. Go to the drag strip.

18. Go to the spa for the day.

19. Put all of my parents photos into albums, and also scan them all into a dropbox file.

20. Go to 3 different lakes/beaches this summer.

21. Visit the zoo.

22. Camping trip.

23. Kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel.

24.Visit the aquarium.

25. Greenfield Village Trip.

26. Concert.

27. Indoor rock climbing.

28. Attend the birth of my Godson.

29. Register to vote.

30. Volunteer/Donate


Man Oh Man


This here, this is my life, and it’s constant roller-coaster ride. All I can say is I am glad to know I am not the ONLY 20something going through all of this up and down craziness. It just feels like it until we start complaining to each other. I’m trying to get a grip, it feels like I may have a few fingers wrapped around it this time, but we will see.

I ended up quitting my housekeeping job in late February after being sent out in dangerous conditions by a management team that is more worried about making money than the safety of it’s employees. The rest of February and most of March I have spent stalking job listings. I have probably applied for at least 20 jobs and been on at least 6 interviews. Finally I settled on going back to the one retail job that I liked, but wasn’t paying me enough. At least it’s close to my house and my co-workers there care about me. I’m hoping to hear back from a car dealership about an office job which could mean 40+hours and insurance for me! (P.S. jumping through medicaid’s hoops sucks!). I really want to keep my job in retail as well as a full time job because I am trying to save as much as possible as quickly as possible so my boyfriend and I can get an apartment this fall. We have our eye on it and were dying to live together.

If the dealership doesn’t work out I am still waiting to hear back from the hospital about a job that will get my foot in the door to possible insurance, and I have a line on a factory job starting up in April. It’s good to keep the options open I suppose.

Let me just say that I am sick of hearing, “So, tell me a bit about yourself…”, I never know what to say. How about, “My name is Christina, I’m almost 26 and I still live at home with my mommy. I’m desperate for money and health insurance. Help a sista out before I have to strap on my stripper heels and find myself a nice corner to work.” Sound good to you?

As far as my healthy eating and gym habits, I’m doing so-so I suppose. I have slacked off on the gym a lot since quitting my housekeeping job. Now my gym is 30 miles away and I can’t afford gas to drive out there just to work out. Now I only work out if I have an interview in that direction. But my eating has gotten better. I’m down to very little junk food in a day. All I drink is water, one glass of apple juice a day, and pepsi/coke on the weekend if there is Jack Daniel’s in it. My breakfasts are healthy smoothies. My lunches are protein packed, and my dinners are portion controlled. I haven’t checked my measurements for the month yet, but it looks like I may be down another solid pound. Although I seem to be able to gain and lose up to 5lbs in a day. WTF body?

I tried coming off of my anti-depressants about 2 weeks ago. It didn’t work out so well. The only reason I decided to try was because I had forgotten over an entire weekend, and I felt fine on Monday, so I thought, “Why not?”. Bad plan. I was fine for about the first week, then I started getting very emotional. (However, my energy levels were up, and my headaches were gone.). I played it off and hadn’t told anyone I was trying to kick my effexor. Then week 2 started and the withdrawal symptoms started to hit me hard and fast. I spent one whole night just sitting up crying for no real reason, but a million reasons all at once. I was a grown woman afraid of the dark that night. I have since restarted my medication, and I am feeling emotionally grounded again, but my headaches are back.   

On a happier note, I am proud to announce that I will be the godmother to a handsome baby boy in July sometime. I am so honored that one of my very best friends would choose me to be the godmother to her son. I am so excited, and we are very blessed to have this addition in our lives. Planning the baby shower has been fun and I can’t wait to spend a whole day registering with Mommy-to-Be.

One last quick thing and then I’ll try to wrap things up here, Kyle and I have chosen a date to be baptized. We have picked the last Sunday in May. That whole week is very meaningful to us. On the 23rd of last year we made our relationship “official”, even though we had been “together” for almost a year at that point. The 24th is his birthday. The 25th will be our baptism. The 26th is Memorial Day this year, but has no special meaning to us just yet, and then the 27th is my birthday. What a great time to be baptized, right between our birthdays.

Alright, I guess that is all for now. I’m going to try to make this a more regular thing, but who knows what my life is going to turn into at this point.