Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be


Well… Here it is, the first Tuesday of the month, almost a whole week into the new year, and I haven’t been able to do anything toward my resolutions like I had planned. The weather has kept me at home, or my boyfriend’s house. I actually haven’t been to my own house since Thursday. And I was only home Thursday night, then came back here Friday. I love being with my boyfriend, but I miss my house. I miss my dog. I miss my “space”. Not that he is smothering me or anything. I just like my belongings and such. I’ve been here almost a week. so I haven’t gotten any of the cleaning or organizing done at home. I also haven’t been to work when the road conditions were “safe” so I haven’t used my fancy new gym membership yet. That makes me so sad! I have been trying to eat better. I added some organic foods, but they were crazy expensive. And I’m eating more fruits and vegetables at each meal. Sadly I had no choice yesterday but to eat at McDonald’s, something I hadn’t done in months. I was at work with no lunch and only a few dollars and no choice but McDonald’s. Yuck.

I am also adding a new resolution to my list I haven’t posted yet, and that is to find a new job. I feel that I have outgrown the thinking of the management of the company I currently work for. I feel I am worth more as an employee than the way I have been treated recently. Time to move on.

I’m hoping I can make it home tonight, but then it worries me about trying to get to work in the morning. My street gets really bad snow drifts. But I miss my house. I just want to get back on track with where I’m supposed to be…

All I can do is keep trying I guess.


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