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30 Days of Thankfulness (Part 4)

Day 19- I am thankful for my ability to forgive.


I am so glad I have it in my heart to forgive. I realize I could have lost so many people in my life based off of stupid mistakes if I wasn’t so easy to forgive. 


Day 20- I am thankful for the strong bonds I have formed with so many people.


My loved ones know I love them with my whole heart, and I know they love me back.


Day 21- I am thankful for second chances.


We all make mistakes. I’m young and stupid, but thank God other people can see when I am truly sorry and can give me another try.


Day 22- I am thankful for the journey.


I know I’m not where I want to be, but I know that the roads I have to take to get there are going to prepare me for all of the things I want.


Day 23- I am thankful for sleep.


There are very few things that a good nights (or days) sleep can’t help. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. I’m not sure why, I just love it.


Day 24- I am thankful for my organizing habits that others may think are boarder line OCD.


Well, depending on how you wanted to look at it, maybe I am a little OCD. I can’t deny that I have had OCD tendencies in the past, but it isn’t always a bad thing. 


Day 25-  I am thankful for tradition. 


I am so glad my parents brought me up it a home full of tradition. I can’t wait to have a family to do the same with.


30 Days of Thankfulness 2013 (part 3)

Day 11- I am thankful for “Me” time.


Sometimes I just like to be alone. I have had people in my past try to take that away from me and I know it’s something I need in life to make me happy.


Day 12- I am thankful for my education.


Many people are not offered the same level of education I was able to receive. My education not only taught me everything I know now, but also gave me a desire to want to learn more, and do more.


Day 13- I am thankful for the chance to make new friends.


This past weekend I was able to meet one of my boyfriends good friends that lives in another state. He is an awesome person and I already count him as one of my friends. It’s always nice to expand the friend circle 🙂


Day 14- I am thankful for the internet.


Without it, I would be a clueless person about most things. I have a question, I google it, problem solved. What the heck did we all do before this?


Day 15- I am thankful for “that good feeling”.


You know, the one you get when you first lay down in bed? Or first slip your shoes off after work? Any and all of them, just thank goodness for them.


Day 16- I am thankful for indoor pluming.


No, really, you don’t understand how much of a big deal this is and how I know I could never live without it. 


Day 17- I am thankful for adventures.


I love being able to seen new places and do new things. 


Day 18- I am thankful for the pure love animals and small children give.


I can come home from a bad day and I know my dog is always going to love me. No matter what else happens, I have that.

30 Days of Thankfulness 2013 (part 2)

Day 4- I am thankful for my personal relationship with God.


I have always felt personally close to God, but have felt my relationship beginning to grow distant recently. One of my very best friends invited me to join her at a “new” church (new to us) and we love it there. I’ve had very emotional experiences in church the last 2 weekends and can feel my heart growing, not only with and for “God” but also for those around me. 


Day 5-  I am thankful for the people my life has brought me.


Some of the most recent people that I have been brought to me came in very unexpected ways, but I am so glad they did. I met the man I love on a dating site (POF anyone? lol) and my bestfriend picked him out for me. He is everything I need and want and is more than I could have ever asked for. My work partner, most people would never expect the two of us together, but we have become good friends and are very supportive of each other. 


Day 6- I am thankful for having enough of the basics (food, water, shelter, blah, blah, blah) that I can find it in my small budget to reach out to help others.


I will be very honest, I have been the person on food assistance. I have been the person at the food bank. I have been the person accepting clothing donations. However, I knew these things would only be temporary and now that I almost have my feet underneath me, I am always looking for ways to help others. I have made several clothing donations recently, to people I know, and don’t know. I have also started using the coupon skills I have learned to start collecting extra things for donations to the food bank. A lot of it is things I got for free with coupons that I won’t use (either because I don’t want it, or can’t have it because of allergies) and can freely pass it on. 


Day 7- I am thankful for the health I do have.


I realize I have a lot of medical issues, but I could also have it a lot worse. The things wrong with me will not cause me to die, for the most part. I am thankful for the ability to do so many things just because I am pretty much healthy.


Day 8- I am thankful for my creativity.


I love to be creative. Music, art, whatever. It all feeds my soul. I can’t imagine not having the urge to make and change things around me and try to make them more beautiful. I just hope to be able to use my creativity in a way to help others some where down the line.


Day 9- I am thankful for my ability to learn from other’s mistakes.


I have always been really good at watching other people around me learn lessons, and in turn, not having to learn the same lessons the hard way myself.


Day 10-  I am thankful for time.


As much as I try to rush large chunks of my life *cough, cough, work* I am thankful for every second of time given to me. It is my goal to learn how to better use my time so I can get more done and spend more time with the people I love. 

2013 Personal Bucket List Update

1. Get my drivers license

2. Start saving money again

3. Visit the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) for the first time

4. Visit an aquarium

5. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel

6. Go on a random day trip road trip to someplace unplanned

7. Visit Hell MI and get ice cream

8. Go to at least 3 different beaches during summer

9. Go camping for the weekend

10. Visit the zoo

11. Watch fireworks

12. Go to a concert

13. Laser tag with my friends

14. Visit a new state

15. Paint the last wall in my bedroom

16. Finish my already started art work

17. Drunken yard party at my best friends house (make jungle juice)

18. Bar hop in Livingston County

19. Build a sand castle

20. Go for a boat ride

21. Visit the drag strip

22. Go to a spa for the day

23. Play guitar more often

24. Put all of my parents photos into albums

25. Go to a wine tasting

26. Finish at least 3 books this year

27. Get a promotion at work

28. Have professional pictures taken

29. Get back down to my size 7 jeans

30. Take more photos of my every day life


So far I have completed 11 of my 30 goals for the year. I know a few of them won’t get to happen this year now, because it’s Michigan and it’s too late now, but there is always next year. The ones I still plan on trying to finish will be listed below:

*Get back down to my size 7 jeans

*Finish at least 3 books this year (I’m about half way through 2 and I already finished 1)

*Put all of my parents photos in albums

*Play guitar more often

*Bar hop in Livingston County

*Finish (more) of my already started art work (I have finished a few, but I’d like to do more)

*Laser tag with friends

*Go on a random day trip road trip to someplace unplanned

*Visit the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) for the first time


If I finish all of these, that will be 20 of the 30 I started with, which isn’t too bad. I’m pretty proud of myself this far, but I want to do more!

30 Days of Thankfulness 2013

All right, we all know I’m not very good at posting often, or even on a regular basis, which I wish was different, but I am always super busy, but I really want to do the 30 days of thankfulness as a blog. I have decided to post in groups of days on Sundays and hopefully I can keep up.

It makes me appreciate what (and who) I have in my life more when I stop and focus on the the things I am thankful for. I try to think of smaller things besides the basic “I’m thankful for my family” stuff. Everyone is thankful for that sort of thing. I want to look deeper. I also want to try to explain why I am thankful for the things I plan on listing.

Well, lets jump right in…

Day 1- I am thankful for the comfort level of my life.

While I still make so little money that if I was living on my own, I would be at poverty level, I have many people and opportunities that are helping me be comfortable while I strive to better myself in the long run. My family allowing me to live at home, paying a very small amount of rent is helping me pay off my bills and better my credit. Many people do not have this or are unhappy with their living situation. While not ideal, I’m making it work. I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my stomach, and the love in my heart.

Day 2- I am thankful for moments where I can laugh (smile) until my face hurts.

I am very blessed to have so many good people and experiences in my life. Having time to go out and relax and laugh with friends is awesome. Most of the time I don’t remember why we were laughing, I just know that waking up the next day with sore cheeks is more than worth it.

Day 3- I am thankful for my past heart breaks.

At the time I’m sure I must have been crushed (over and over again) but now I have found someone that I love so much (and that truly loves me) that all of my failed relationships are foggy memories that seem more like bad dreams I have just been shaken out of. The man in my life is a gift. He makes me feel whole, or better than whole. I was great without him but even better now. He was brought to me for a reason and I can see us building our dreams every day that passes. I have never had anything like this before. Our goals in life line up with each other. We build each other up and hold each other together. All of the tests my heart was put through were preparing me for him and I can see that now.

Those are the first 3 things I am thankful for, and they sort of relate to things that had happened to me on those days. I plan on posting more on next Sunday, with possible related blogs in between. I miss blogging, just never have time!