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What. A. F***ing. Day.

Today pretty much kicked my butt. I woke up in a great mood (which NEVER happens), early (again NEVER happens), and I felt good (ha ha ha… I’m a housekeeper, my body ALWAYS hurts). The 10th of October is usually a pretty lucky day for people in my family, today was my parents 32nd wedding anniversary, and my nephew’s 4th birthday, so I had a lot to be happy about. I left the house for work early, jamming to a pretty good song, and then I hit my first deer. Well, more like tapped it’s ass and knocked it side-ways. I was seriously inches from missing it all together. I hit it pretty square with the center of my front bumper, and I didn’t even knock it off of it’s feet. It gave me a dirty look and ran off, probably with a very bruised ass.

Of course this shook me up pretty good, and I instantly called my dad. Got out and looked at my car and had no damage (good old Chevy bumper). I spent the rest of my day at work watching my temp gauge, just in case I cracked my radiator (didn’t by the way).

I got to my first house, a family I clean for every 2 weeks, and have since I started with the company. I don’t mind cleaning this house, and I have it down to a pretty good routine. Well, I walk in and there is a list on the counter of things me and my partner “missed” the last “few times”. Um, bullshit. I know for a fact we clean these things every time, usually because I am the one that does it, and I don’t half ass stuff in this house. Whatever. I spent about 30 extra minuets in the house making sure it was perfect. This lead to me being paranoid in my second house though, when I didn’t need to be. My second client isn’t picky at all, she has 4 kids and realizes anything we do in her home is an improvement. Really she just wants her toilets scrubbed, but she got full service today, because I HATE ¬†complaints.

We left that house late, and went to my last house of the day, thinking we could get in and out and go the hell home, but no. My last house was a hoarders house. Stuff everywhere. The smell about knocked you down when you walked in. It’s the kind of place where you don’t even know where to start. We did the best we could, and when we went to take the trash out before leaving, we asked where the dumpster was. The home owner said it was in the garage. My partner went out expecting to find it next to a car, or a work bench, like most of our clients homes, but no. She didn’t even make it off of the landing for the stairs. The whole garage was packed with trash, level with the landing. ¬†Once we were in the car, my partner looked at me and said “I just didn’t know what to do, or where to put it, so I just kind of sat it on top and shut the door really fast.” I really, really hope we never have to go back to that one. I like my regulars. At least I know what to expect (to an extent).

Then for my drive home, I got to follow one of those lovely people that constantly break taps and basically just blocks you in so you can never pass them, that does just under the speed limit. Older woman, handicap license plate. Lady, I just wanna go home! I finally made it home though and things started to look up.

My boyfriend got a new car today, yay! Can’t wait to see it in person. He deserves this, and hopefully it will turn his credit around and we can start building our future together.

My dad also brought steak and cheese cake home for his anniversary dinner with my mom. So yummy!

I got to have a little bit of my Jack Daniels and now I’m getting ready for a shower and bed. At least tomorrow is pay day!