Archive | September 2013

Just a quick update on my life, I am trying to pass a kidney stone, and I want to die. I left work early Thursday, missed work Friday (was in the hospital both nights), was in pain all weekend… can this just end before work in the morning? I’ll spare all of the “details” but just know that it sucks really bad. 2mm stone. WTF kidney? 

I hope this week goes by fast and my check doesn’t suck too bad. Not sure what’s going on this weekend, but maybe I can have some chill time to myself? 

I’m also trying to talk myself into eating better, and exercising more, which isn’t so easy. I’m just sick of being on my “heavy” side. I range up and down between 125 and 170lbs and lets just say I’m closer to the bigger number and it makes my size 3 jeans sad. But I’ve also been this size for over a year now, so it’s probably going to be hard to drop the weight. Damn this being 25 business. I remember being able to drop weight like it was nothing, but I guess my metabolism finally caught up with it’s self… damn. 

One of the only things I’m looking forward to this week? Sons of Anarchy starts on Tuesday! I can’t wait to watch with my boyfriend and all of my SOA twitter peeps, I missed you guys! I’m so ready to drool over Jax ❤ can’t wait!