Weekend 8-25

I had another great weekend with my love, however it always seems like we try to pack way too much into the two days we have, and then I’m just a grumpy bitch by the end of Sunday for not having time to relax. Although I fear I might get bored if we weren’t so busy. 

On Friday night we finally figured out that the anniversary of us meeting for the first time is coming up September 1st. We went back through all of his text messages to find this out, it took somewhere over 3 hours to do. I’m so excited to have been with someone I care about so much for so long. I know it’s not a super long time, but it’s still a big step, when we started out as “friends” on a dating website wanting nothing serious.

Saturday was filled with family and getting his moms car fixed. I love spending time with my family, especially my nephew. He just makes my heart smile. We finished our evening and started our Sunday at a friends step dad’s birthday party. He has become like my own father in many ways, and I was glad we got to celebrate with him.

This morning my boyfriends mom woke us up saying she had made breakfast, french toast and bacon, and then we spent most of our day randomly shopping. We ended up stopping for ice cream and walking around the mill pond in Brighton. We also got to see the beginning of a car show in down town. 

Now I’m just home trying to sort out my life before work tomorrow, where I hope I have a much better week than last week. Last week challenged me to the point of tears causing me to almost quit and walk out of client’s homes screaming “clean your own shit you rich bitch!”, but I held it together and made it through.

This week I have my allergies under control and should have my “normal” houses back. I should be ok… I can do this… just gotta keep doing it one step at at time.


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