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What the Hay WordPress?

I’ve been trying to get on here since I got home from work at 3pm, and it won’t let me view my stats, or go to he help page. WTH? I didn’t really have anything planned to say, but what if I did? Then what?


Weekend 8-25

I had another great weekend with my love, however it always seems like we try to pack way too much into the two days we have, and then I’m just a grumpy bitch by the end of Sunday for not having time to relax. Although I fear I might get bored if we weren’t so busy. 

On Friday night we finally figured out that the anniversary of us meeting for the first time is coming up September 1st. We went back through all of his text messages to find this out, it took somewhere over 3 hours to do. I’m so excited to have been with someone I care about so much for so long. I know it’s not a super long time, but it’s still a big step, when we started out as “friends” on a dating website wanting nothing serious.

Saturday was filled with family and getting his moms car fixed. I love spending time with my family, especially my nephew. He just makes my heart smile. We finished our evening and started our Sunday at a friends step dad’s birthday party. He has become like my own father in many ways, and I was glad we got to celebrate with him.

This morning my boyfriends mom woke us up saying she had made breakfast, french toast and bacon, and then we spent most of our day randomly shopping. We ended up stopping for ice cream and walking around the mill pond in Brighton. We also got to see the beginning of a car show in down town. 

Now I’m just home trying to sort out my life before work tomorrow, where I hope I have a much better week than last week. Last week challenged me to the point of tears causing me to almost quit and walk out of client’s homes screaming “clean your own shit you rich bitch!”, but I held it together and made it through.

This week I have my allergies under control and should have my “normal” houses back. I should be ok… I can do this… just gotta keep doing it one step at at time.

Confessions of a Housekeeper- Hotel Stay Tips

As someone that worked in hotels, I’d like to pass on some of the knowledge that I gained.

1. Never sleep with the hotel bedspread.
Sheets are changed between every check in/out, however it is rare that the blanket is changed. I found this pretty gross while working at the hotel and wanted to pull every blanket and wash it, but couldn’t. The only time housekeepers were allowed to change the blanket was when it was visibly dirty… do you know how much can be on that blanket that can’t be seen? …Anyway… I suggest always bringing your own blanket.

2.Cover your toothbrush.
Hotel housekeepers are given somewhere between 15 and 30 rooms to clean in a day, so a lot of rushing happens. While I always tried to be careful around people’s toothbrushes, I know many housekeepers didn’t. Products are being sprayed, and things are being dropped (your toothbrush while moving it to clean the counter). I’m just saying I wouldn’t want to put something in my mouth that had windex sprayed on it and was possibly dropped on the floor. Best options are to cover it, or pack it away in your bag when you leave your room for the day.

3. Check to make sure your room was actually cleaned.
Hotel housekeepers become very good at making things look clean when sometimes they aren’t. If you are going to be staying more than one night, you probably want to make sure your room is actually clean before settling in. If there is a problem with the room, you can be moved to another, which is good to know before you completely unpack. Always look under the rim of the toilet to see if it was cleaned well. Run your dry fingers across the bottom of the tub and shower walls to check for soap scum. Look behind the bathroom door for hair on the floor. Pull the top sheets and blanket back completely to check the fitted sheet for dirt, stains, and hair. I worked at a chain mid grade (about $70 a night) extended stay hotel and these were common problems in rooms.

4. Don’t leave money laying around.
Money left out is assumed to be a tip for the housekeeper.

5. Always assume the floor hasn’t been cleaned.
Although floors are supposed to be vacuumed and/or wiped clean, this doesn’t always happen. I’d rather be safe than sorry personally.

6. Always re-wash any dishes in the room before using them.
Dishes in the room may look clean, but you never know how they were cleaned. I worked with many people that spoke very little english and didn’t realize what they using to clean things with. I once saw a girl use the bathroom cleaner and a dirty rag to clean glasses and plates. She never rinsed them, just wiped them and put them away. I went after her of course and re-washed everything, but of course, I can not be in every hotel room.

7. Take (almost) everything when you leave a room.
When you are checking out, take it all. All the little samples, TP, paper towel, and tissue. Housekeepers replace all of these things, so you might as well go home stocked up. It is said that you will be charged for taking towels, sheets, pillows, and blankets, but in all honesty, I have no idea how a hotel would keep track of weather these things are gone and which guest took them. Rooms are stripped so quickly that usually missing items aren’t noticed until there aren’t enough to complete rooms. Then the hotel usually just orders more.

8. Leave a tip and a note to get what you want done.
While a lot of the girls couldn’t read english, I could, and the front desk people usually translated for the housekeepers as needed. I know I always spent extra time in a room that tipped and left details on how they wanted things. My fave notes were the “Everything looks great, fresh towels only please.” notes.

9. Always double check the drawers and under the bed before checkout.
So many people left SO MANY things behind in their hotel rooms. Anything of “value” was marked with the room number and last name of the guest and put in lost and found. Anything else was free game for the housekeepers. And after 30 days the things in lost and found were also free game. If you leave and realize you forgot something, call the hotel right away. Many times the item can be shipped to you, if you are too far away to come back for it.

10. Use the do not disturb sign.
Please, if you don’t plan on being out of your room by 8:30am any day of the week, put the sign on the door. You have no idea how many naked people I walked in on. You won’t always hear a housekeeper knock, and we feel bad for walking in on you.

Quick Update

I had a pretty challenging day at work today. I suppose I’m just not quite used to being in a leadership position yet. Hopefully the small mistakes I made can be improved and tomorrow can be a better day. I wish I had been a little more prepared for my crew leader position before I was given it, but they needed someone to take it. I just hope we can all work together and get things where they need to be.

Confessions of a Housekeeper

I am a professional housekeeper. I’ve been in housekeeping for almost 2 years on and off. I’d just like to vent a little and maybe put a few things out there that maybe people have never thought of after hiring someone to clean their home.

1. I am your housekeeper, not your mother. It is my job to clean, not “pick up” all of the shit you left laying around. If I can’t get to an area to clean it, it’s not getting cleaned. I also should not have to pick up your dirty under pants, it’s just not cool.

2. I am your housekeeper, not a miracle worker. Chances are, if you tried to clean something, and it didn’t come as clean as you wanted, don’t expect me to be able to do much better. I am only a human, with only Dollar Store company provided products, I can only do so much.

3. I am your housekeeper, not your pet sitter. Don’t expect me to let your dog in and, or out. Keep your pet out of my way, I am trying to work. How would you like it if I dropped my barking dog off in your office while you were trying to work? Also, you are the pet owner, not me. I should not have to clean litter boxes, of clean up animal droppings.

4. I am your housekeeper, not your maintenance person. If something in your house doesn’t work, that I need to clean with, don’t think that I have the time or the skills to fix it first.

5. I am your housekeeper, not your nanny. Keep your kids and their belongings out of my way, or you probably won’t get your house cleaned the way you want it.

6. I am your housekeeper, not a mind reader. If you want something done special, you should contact my office and have it added to your work order. I also have no idea where things actually belong in your home. I only know how to make it look pretty, and be clean.

7. I am your housekeeper, not your dishwasher. That sink full of dishes from the party you had over the weekend, so not my job. I will move them, clean the sink under them and then put them back.

8. I am your housekeeper, not your laundry person. It is not my job to sort, wash, dry, fold and or put away your clothing. It is only my job to change your sheets (when left out) and carry them to your laundry room, after that, it’s all you.

9. I am your housekeeper, not your landscaper. If it’s outside of the door threshold, it does not concern me.

10. I am your housekeeper, not an exterminator. I understand, we all have a few spiders in our home. And of course while dusting and cleaning I’m going to find one or two, but after 5, it’s not my job to kill it and clean it up. Have that shit bug bombed, or stop being such a nasty person that the bugs are attracted inside of your home. I should not have to vacuum up dead bugs to clean the floor, counter, or whatever.

Alright, I feel a little better now lol. You have no idea how many times I have wanted to leave notes for home owners about these things. Most are not this bad, but there are a few ever now and then that just expect the frickin moon and stars. Sorry guys 🙂