1. Thrift Shop

2. American Bad Ass

3. Pumped Up Kicks

4. Work It

5. This is the New Shit

6. Rolling in the Deep

7. Xxplosive

8. S&M

9. Big Pimpin

10. Sweet Nothing

11. Too Close

12. I Love It

13. Man Eater

14. Everybody Talks

15. Blow Me

16. Comin in Hot

17. One More Night

18. Sail

19. Creepin

20. Kyoto

21. Bass Down Low

22. The Way You Move

23. Somebody that I Used to Know

24. Kush

25. Power & Control

26. Swimming Pools

27. Only You

28. Some Nights

29. Hell on Heels

30. Blue Jeans


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About happilyeveryork

***I'm a pretty awesome newlywed and stay at home mom from Michigan. Just living life and sorting it out as I go. Follow me on twitter and instagram @happilyeveryork.***

3 responses to “#first30songsonshuffle”

  1. PassionPlagiarist says :

    I LOOOOOOOVE Thrift Shop!!!!

  2. PassionPlagiarist says :

    First thing I thought of when I heard that song was “Chrissy would fucking LOVE this.”

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