Ways I Save Money (Part 2)


It’s time for a few more tips on ways to save money! I love sharing these with everyone and please feel free to leave any ideas you have in the comments section.


*Bottle Returns

Bottle Returns are a big deal in my house, and with the way that American’s drink pop, I’m sure it’s a possibility that they may be in your house too. I do realize that some states do not have a deposit on cans, but here in MI we do. I love that we can get 10 cents back per bottle/can here. It may not seem like a lot but it really adds up for us. We use the bottle return money to help cover groceries or other things that we need as a family for the week. It’s a great idea to spend the returns this way especially if your already going to buy the pop anyways.


To save money on clothes (and other house hold items) it’s a good idea to trade or borrow from friends. I love that I have a few friends that are right around my size and we can go shopping in each other’s closets. We also give each other old items when we get sick of them. It saves everyone involved a little extra cash.

*Bulk Buying

I love our Sam’s Club membership. It is much more practical to buy meat products and paper products in large quantities and store them for later use. If you need something and it would be cheaper in the long run to buy in bulk but you would never use that large amount, consider splitting the bulk price with a friend and sharing the product. Then it saves you both money and you still get what you need.

*2nd Hand

Thrift shopping and yard sales are very close to my heart. Any time I need a kitchen gadget I hit up my local yard sales or thrift shop and 99% of the time I find one for way less than the new store price. Thrift shops and yard sales are also great if you are a new mom, have kids, or are trying to decorate your home on a budget. Also try online yard sales, I found a few in my county on facebook and also free cycle. Free cycle is all free stuff!

*Samples on Meds

I personally went through a time when I couldn’t afford my medications and I didn’t know what to do. I was at a loss, I needed the meds to get by but couldn’t afford them. I was hopeless and went to my doctor and asked for any help possible. First she put me on generics, then gave me the number to the drug companies to ask for discount cards, and finally she filled up a little bag of samples of the medications for me. She was able to give me 2 months worth of samples for free straight out of her office. I always recommend speaking with your doctor about the best medications and price options for you.


I hope these gave you a few more ideas on how to save a little bit more. I’ll have a few more ideas for you in a later blog.


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