Personal Update

So I am currently at Wendys playing with my tablet since I can’t figure out my router at home. I love this thing, best $80 I have spent in a while. It’s a Zeepad for anyone interested. It’s snowing like crazy where I am and I really wish I wasn’t opening in the morning… too bad work doesn’t have snow days lol

I have started the search for yet another job. Either a third, a new second, or maybe just one better paying full time job. I love my one job and I hate to leave it, but mama needs money.

Hopefully I’ll be taking my road test here in the next few weeks and then I’ll have my license. I missed my last chance to take it because my turn signals in my car didn’t work. They are fixed now, so I just need to make another appt and go do it.

I’ve been pretty down lately for some unknown reasons, and some known that I’d rather not share. I’m hoping for a turn around this week but I know it’s unlikely. Sadly my happiness seems to depend on something I have no control over, and this has been proven to me time and again. Some things I just can’t seem to let go of.


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***I'm a pretty awesome 20-something from Detroit. I love art, fashion, music, Sons of Anarchy and whiskey. Coupons and free samples are amazing! I struggle with anxiety and depression on a pretty regular basis. I'm learning new things every day and gaining some independence. Follow me on twitter too @atinababy8808.***

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