Question for the Day December 13th-31st

13. How much of your day did you spend completely alone?

Very little. Probably mostly just while I was sleeping.

14. How are you expanding your mind?

I am expanding my mind by trying to learn as many new things as I can. I love to read and am constantly coming up with new projects for myself.

15. What word are you using too much lately?

Work lol

16. How was your day today?


17. What was the first thing you saw when you woke up this morning?

My phone, like always.

18. What are three things you need to do tomorrow?

Work, and any chores I don’t happen to finish tonight.

19. What is the last place you visited online?


20. Today I chose to ________________.

Take a nap and try to get some rest.

21. Were you a positive or negative person today?

Positive. I’m usually a very positive person.

22. Who is the strongest person you know?

My Grandma. She has raised 5 girls into amazing women and 3 step sons in to great guys all with no education after a man walked out on her and left her with nothing. She has 13 grand children and countless great grand children and I feel she loves all of us equally. And after losing her leg after a failed knee replacement she has gotten back up and relearned to walk. She refuses to let anything keep her down.

23. Who do you wish had been a part of your day?

Same person I always wish was part of my day…

24. What is one thing you were told today that you don’t want to forget?

Nothing too important.

25. What was your weakness today?

Christmas food!

26.The music genre I listen to the most is ________________.

Probably pop or rap.

27. How much did you eat today?

Probably more than enough.

28. What’s worth fighting for?

Everyone I love.

29. Today I felt ___________________.

Sick, but better than I had been feeling.

30. Did you smile or frown more today?

Smile. I choose to be happy.

31. What improvements are you making?

As many as I can…


About happilyeveryork

***I'm a pretty awesome newlywed and stay at home mom from Michigan. Just living life and sorting it out as I go. Follow me on twitter and instagram @happilyeveryork.***

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